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About us

Norwegian Road Trip was started by Olav L. Mjelva. The idea had been there for a while, but it was first when he was asked by an American TV-team to guide them around in Norway that the idea seemed possible and realistic. 

Olav is one of Norway´s most foremost folk musicians, and he has travelled all over the world with his fiddle playing both solo and in different bands. 

He grew up in Røros, an old mining town, where nature, art and music is an important part of many peoples lives. He loves hiking, skiing, fishing and kayaking. 
Other interests: Music, food, old cars, motorcycles and most things with an engine.

Olav has travelled a lot in Norway and he has a large network all over the country. He also knows the Norwegian music scene from the inside. 

Most important for you is: He loves Norway! 

Traveling with Olav was an amazing experience. He was flexible and accommodating for everything our schedule demanded. Our trip was made up of beautiful hotels, great places to eat, fun attractions, and incredible Norwegian scenery. This was all somehow enhanced by Olav's knowledge of the rich Norwegian culture. I can't see our trip going more smoothly than it did with Olav's insight and expertise. I would recommend hiring Olav's services to any person looking to experience Norway to the fullest. 
Dana Conroy, Pioneer Public Television.